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Social Media in SEO?

Social networks have become one of the main communication & marketing strategies thanks to it's advantages which include making it easy to use, fun, informative and free. Marketing plans that include social media and more focus to achieve branding, trust, & increase sales. Works well as a complement to online advertising and more success in promoting SEO marketing business strategies with local Seach Engine Optimization. 


On Page optimization

On Page SEM

In terms of results, On-Page Optimization increases visibility in the organic results growing from week to week which leads the user to invest less in time and money. We all like to have a concrete time frame for results, but SEO is an ongoing process, which depends on the type of business and location, each user most decide if they want to take the time to learn and devote to site optimization and visibility or to hire an expert in this field. 

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Google+ Accounts

Google Plus has not grown as much as Facebook or Twitter, however, it is useful for people who do content marketing. It also helps your business website to appear faster in the Google search results, which helps to increase the CTR and conversion rate in your overall SEO strategy.  In addition to these three social networks, you can also use more in your online marketing strategy, some more example includes LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest.

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